Mickey Presents: Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris!

C’est qui, c’est qui?? Yes dreamers, it’s me again! Tonight I’ll share my thoughts on a part of the 25th anniversary celebrations over at Disneyland Paris again. Our topic will be the anniversary celebration show performed 3 times a day around noon at castle stage theater.

The plot of the show is and ode/walk through the whole Disneyland Park. The show starts off with a nice nod to main street’s Dapper Dan’s. 4 performers really embrace the main street spirit and than goofy comes along. We’re walking right down the middle of main street USA at this moment. But than we reach the hub… Max shows up and we’re getting ready to party. A little hip hop groove and we need to pick up all our friends first! Where to start? Chip and Dale know that answer! Together with Woody and Jessie we all go to “Frontierland – you’re home away from home”.

But what we see coming along?? Is that adventure coming our way? With a side of pirate? King Louis, Balloo, Smee and Peter Pan think so yes! But maybe we look a bit to deep into all those adventures cause we find Mad Hatter who transforms us in Fantasyland hatters. He brings Alice, Winnie the pooh, Piglet and my beloved Duffy bear out too! Sadly fantasies don’t stay and we move on to the future with Stitch and Buzz Lightyear. Up to infinity and beyond!

We walked the whole park and gathered our friends, but who are we still missing?? That’s right! We missed Mickey Mouse! With a catchy song he comes out and now we can really celebrate the 25th anniversary.  Before the whole cast takes off, there is still time for a group photo though. You can’t go without a memory of this fun celebration!

Above is a video shot by DLP Welcome of the show. I think it’s a fun performance, and I love they decided to go around the park and highlight every land. On the day of the 20th anniversary, each land got his own celebration and now we have a permanent anniversary show to celebrate 25 years of joy and magic in Disneyland Paris. Also the location of the show, on castle stage, is great. I like the fact it’s used more now for shows and not only during Halloween and Christmas.

Only my downside to the show is that it doesn’t have a high repeat factor to me. While I can watch the Starlit princess Waltz over and over again. It’s a must see, I’m not debating that though. But for me personally it isn’t a highlight of the anniversary. Maybe because I miss characters like Minnie and Donald in it? Or maybe it is because in my head I keep thinking to the 20th anniversary shows of 12 april 2012 and well those were better celebrations of each land than this one show. And I know I can’t compare those shows to this one, but it keeps happening subconsciously.

On a positive note again, I do like the fact they built in a group photo moment in the show. It gives a nice shot to guests to snap a nice picture of the whole gang. Since I love Disney photography, this is of course a detail close to my heart. Speaking of photography, all my shots so far are taken seated on the ground in front of the stage. I like most people stay seated during the show as well. Only the strollers blocking your view somethings is annoying, but apart from that, it’s pretty easy to watch and take pictures.

But I’m curious about your thoughts on this show and why you think about it that way. Drop me a comment and we can discuss about it!



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