DLP welcomes Jack Sparrow!

Good evening dreamers!

I’m pretty sure most of you already know the “news”, but I don’t claim to blog about Disneyland Paris news as it happens anyway, so I figured I could write about my experience of the refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris. It reopened on the 24th of July, but my experience dates back to the 15th already during the annual pass previews. I want to apologize to everyone who’s staying spoiler free until they can experience it for themselves, because this post will be filled with spoilers about the new stuff. But do come back if that’s the case to see if your experience matches up with mine.
Before I start off, let me tell you I’m kinda sceptical about introducing movie characters into the attraction that was the base to the movies. I don’t think everything needs IP to gets love and attention, yet I knew/feel before heading in that if they were going to add some characters, they would do it in a good way so they fit the existing story.

We experienced it 4 times back to back before they decided to extend the soft opening for all guests in the park. And the first time, my jaw dropped. The first new thing you see is Davy Jones/Blackbeard on a smoke screen projected while you get pulled up the lifthill. It took actually until our forth time before we saw those projections in a decent way! We asked for a front row seat that time. The other times people where blocking our view of it, or the projections might be not completely synced on the right way, or the viewing angle that didn’t fully matched with the space available. This might be due to the previews and that they still needed to test this out on a higher capacity on the attraction, and that’s what they did here. Nothing to be picky about.


Moving along than, we experienced the joy of a water attraction. The first few times we sat in the back, and after the first drop, the canon shots into the water got us wet. That was a long time ago I actually got wet on pirates!! Maybe this also had something to do with the synchronization, but it surprised us. In the next scenes, I really noticed the improvement done to all animatronics. They move more fluently and they appear to be more real to me now than mechanical. Here we also see the change of the auction scene, were the redhead isn’t the “object” of the auction any more but turned into a pirate auctioning stolen goods off. Also Jack’s first appearance is seen in the barrel and the duelling pirates have made it back, duelling more fierce than ever and the fight is even between a man and a woman this time! Also I want to point out the donkey when you reach the burning city. It’s so lifelike and incredibly well executed!!

But the most mind blowing experience lies waiting beyond the final drop. This one has received more effects too, bit similar to Big Thunder Mountain. But once you’re in the caves, Barbossa is standing right before your eyes. Once the lightning strikes, he’ll turn into a ghostlike skeleton like the curse did into the first movie. I’m still trying to figure out how they got this done! How does it work?! It’s so well done, it’s so mind blowing and I think for me this has become the highlight of the attraction.

We still see Jack Sparrow one last time on top of the pile of gold at the very end. To me, this is a little disappointing and the only part of the refurb I don’t agree with. There are a few little things that bug me about it. He’s singing/talking in alternating English and French and the 2 voices don’t really match up to be honest. And than there is the story that doesn’t fully fit now any more. The final drop is also the place where we all lose our lives. We plundered and fought, but what can we do with all our treasure when we’re death? Yet Jack seems to be immune to mortality and is sitting fully alive on the pile of gold. Is he laughing with us cause we didn’t follow his path? He arrived after we were killed and claimed the treasure his own? We don’t know the story behind it, and it’s me being picky on imagineering at this point too. Cause apart from the story, that let’s be honest lots of people don’t get out of it, it’s the best place to show off the most known character from the franchise. But like I stated earlier it’s my personal view on things here and most people I spoke already told me they loved seeing Jack there.


Overall seen I loved the new additions and the refurb! It’s another prove that “project sparkle” is doing what it’s needs to do. Now everything in the park is sparkling again like it’s brand new.

But I’m curious how you experienced the new additions. What do you think of the addition of the movie characters? Drop me a comment and lets engage a conversation about this please!

For now I wish you good dreams this week!



P.S.: The photo quality isn’t what it is supposed to be and I’m sorry for that. All my pictures turned out to be to noisy and to dark to my liking. Something I need to work on for this particular dark ride in the future.


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