Bye Blue Lagoon

Hi dreamers,

Pirates is about to open again in Disneyland Paris, and if you followed the updates around it you know that captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones are making their way into the attraction. Even the redheaded girl in the auction scene is shaking off her sweet side and decided to become a pirate. (And create a lot of fuss about politic correctness and stuff, but let’s lay that aside for now)

But also one of my favourite restaurants is getting an ” update “. “Blue lagoon” turns into “Captain Jacks’s” so it fits more with the attraction. Uhum… so it has a bigger IP base and will attract more customers if you ask me. Personally I think the namechange of the restaurant is uncalled for, and I root for more original stuff than links with brands. More so in this case because the attraction and the restaurant has a history from long before the franchise. The new name just suggests something cheap to me, a name with a link to a Pirates place (like Tortuga for instance) would have fit better to my taste. Though I will try it out after it opened and will provide my opinion about it at that time.

But this post is meant to look back on my favorites of “Blue Lagoon”, and remember the amazing times I had in there. So let’s kick off with that.

“Blue Lagoon” is a restaurant I held back on for a loooonnnnggg time. I always thought it served only dishes based on fish and I never bothered to look at the actual menu because of that thought. Until my friends wanted to take a look. I found out my thought was so wrong and I found a chicken dish on the menu so  I had no reason to hold back any more and we made a reservation to eat there.

Photo by Kris Van de Sande


The setting of it, is really unique. It’s always a nice summer evening where you sit next to the lagoon on the open area’s of a tropical/ traditional venue. Anywhere in the restaurant you can see boats passing who are on their way to take their pirate adventure. This is because the seating is organised in different horizontal levels. You have a “beach” level, the “ground floor” of the building, and a platform a little higher too. So you can look towards the water and people passing from everywhere. It makes the experience a bit more dynamic. Personally I think the only real downside of the setting is the lighting condition of the restaurant. Because it’s placed inside a darkride, it is… dark inside. Some areas even that dark you have a hard time seeing what you actually eat. But compared to it’s American brother “blue bayou” we can’t complain at all about lighting! When I ate there in Disneyland in 2015, it was even more difficult to see what I was eating and those were dishes I was less familiar with too. But that’s a story for another time.

The place feels really exotic and laid back, yet the service is mostly very fluent and on a good pace. I only had 1 time it really took a long time before we had food and spent over 2 hours in there, but all my other visits went great. The castmembers really do their best to give you the best possible service. I never encountered a bad experience in service here, which I can’t say from other restaurants on property. One castmember encounter here I wont forget easy though. I still am very grateful for the server who gave us his castmember discount instead of our annual pass discount a few years back. We didn’t asked for an additional discount, or we didn’t had anything going wrong that time. But we had a really good time and had a nice act of kindness there. It was out of the blue and we only noticed after we walked out we got that. I really wished I had looked better at the nametag of the castmember back than to thank him personally, but of course I know this doesn’t happen all the time and this is definitely not a reason why I love the place more or less.

Now onto the food of the restaurant. It’s a sit down, table service restaurant and it’s a bit higher priced, but you do get really good exotic style food. My best friend tried many of the fish options as well as starter and maincourse and she all loved them. For me, my menu was a bit fixed because I’m a picky eater. I mostly had the salad for starter with avocado’s and the delicious Chicken Colombo as main. The chicken was served on sticks with wild rice and fried bananas. It grew as one of my favorite mains in the whole resort. Apart from that I recall one of my friends really loving the lamb in here. She said it was cooked to perfection and had the right flavor combinations.

Advocado salad
Starter: salad with avocado 

Starter: salad with corn and avocado

Main: Chicken Colombo

Main: Grilled Gamba’s

Main: Lamb

As we come to desserts, I still miss the banana dessert they used to have. Not to eat it myself, but to see my best friend eat it. She loves bananas and when she had that plate full of little banana treats for her nose, she wasn’t around for a moment and you could really see the joy on her face with every taste she got. I never saw anyone enjoying a dessert that way like she enjoyed her banana treats. Since it left she moved on to the Coconut mouse. Though she likes the presentation of it and likes coconuts a lot too, it doesn’t give her the same effect as the bananadessert. I think no dessert ever can fill that spot for her.

For me, dessert time meant the best crème brûlée you could find on property. The fact they light it up in front of your eyes always made it a real experience when you order that. It’s a pretty traditional vanilla crème brûlée, and it’s exactly what I need after a meal that was already packed with flavors.

Coconut mouse

Crème brûlée

Banana treats

Café Gourmand

Café Gourmand

In a short time we will see in what way the menu and setting changed. Well I already got a sneak peek on the interior last Saturday due to the annual passport previews of the refurbished pirates attraction. But to see the menu we still need to wait a little longer. I hope the exotic theme stays in the menu and for the fish lovers I do hope they still can come here for their diversity of fish. But that will reveal itself in a short while.

I would like to hear your stories about Blue Lagoon too. Drop me a comment and let’s talk about what you liked so much about this specific restaurant.

For now all I can say is: thank you blue lagoon for the amazing memories. You’ll be missed but you’ll live on in a changed form.



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