Forest of enchantment 

Hi dreamers!

Summer is really here and over at Disneyland Paris forest of enchantment started its second run in the chaperral theater since this weekend. Time to sing along again and discover the mysteries underneath the canopy of beautiful trees.

Uhum, I’m a slight fan of the show. It combines live singing, with known Disney stories, with fun choreo and a versatile set. In my opinion they can have the forest opened up from February until November. During winter months green forests aren’t that common in the region (yes unless it are pine cone trees I know, but we’re talking about trees who lose there leaves during winter here)

Forest of Enchantment comes with it’s own unique characters, but also has some Disney favorites. Apart from different forest creatures who stun us with great acrobatics, Enchantella sings us a warm welcome to the forest and hosts our magical stay. But not only her vocals are heard in the forest. Also the 4 elements know how to use their voice. Waterlilo (water), Ragina (fire), Lucile (wind) and Lezardo (earth) make a sparkling impression on us.

They takes us from Pocahontas to the jungle book gang. Pocahontas provides her own vocals, but Baloo and King Louis get some help from Waterlilo and Lezardo. Up next is Tarzan who’s showing off his skils while Lezardo gets my hair up singing “Son of men”. The romantic moment gets provided by Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugeen (whatever you prefer) while we see the light with them. And to close off Merida shoots for her own hand.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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In 2016 was the first run of the show, and now it’s back with some little changes. Merida also provide her own vocals to touch the sky. There were some changes into the choreography but the biggest change in my opinion is the adding of a projection in the background. On the video’s I saw it looked a nice addition to enhance the choreography and the story. So I can only cheer. The only change I didn’t really liked was that John Smith was no where to be seen anymore.

The show runs this year until the 3th of September and makes place than again for the Fozen Sing Along I believe. I know I can’t wait to see the show again with my own eyes and ears. So I would say: catch a visit to the forest of Enchantment while you can!

Together we will find, the mysteries insideIMG_3269

for more and future photo’s of the show visit my flickr album where you can find a nice overview and stay up to date of new additions as well.


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