When dreams get build

Hi dreamers!!

Today I’m sharing a story about the first architectural project that I contributed to and actually got built. This is a major step for any architect and I’m not an exception on that.

The project I’m talking about is “Urban Hermitage” which I mainly worked on while I was an intern in the office of Spheron Architects in London during the summer of 2015.

Urban Hermitage aims to recreate the tranquil and melancholic beauty of a remote monastery in Belgium in a domestic studio flat in London. The client – a London based artist – wanted to find a way to transport the feeling of remoteness to the urban setting, exploring the concept of solitary and monastic seclusion amidst the bustle of London.
“The monastery sits in a valley hermetically cut off from the intrusions of the outside world… Back in London, outside the window of my room is a world full of business and noise. I am wondering, if it is possible to recreate that monastic ambiance that I experienced, to live a life of bucolic solitude, within my tiny room?”

– Spheron Architects –

When I arrived for my internship there were some designs made already, but they couldn’t find the right one for the client. Our main goal was to create a specific melanchonic athmosphere like you would find in a monastry, though the location for the project was bubly London.

Over the six weeks I made a physical and a 3D model of the flat, drew out the plans and worked some details out. But I think my last week was the most fun where I got to photograph the model I made and render the pictures to really hit the right tone with those.

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It was such fun time for me, and I found meaning as an architect during that time again. I felt confident for a change and sadly, my teachers at school never were able to make me feel confident about my projects.

My internship was over in 2015, and a year later it was all turned into reality. Some additional changes where made still, but the main ideas are still visible in the project. Since it’s completion it caught the attention of some magazines as well, so I’m extremely proud of Spheron architects. Also I’m proud on myself, cause I was part of this design process. Seeing the completed pictures made me jot a dream of my list: have a project built. Check!

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You can help Spheron Architects by voting for their Belarusian Memorial Chapel. This project was in the beginning of getting executed while I was a guest at the office as well. Now they are on the shortlist of receiving the New London Award 2017 in the Culture & Community category for it!

Until June 26th 2017 you can cast your vote by one of the following options:

If you are on twitter: http://www.newlondonarchitecture.org/…/categor…/ashden-prize

Otherwise you can vote by clicking here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/J2GH62Y
And type in your name and email, as well as the project name ‘Belarusian Memorial Chapel’

I thank you for helping them out.


Thank you all for voting! Spheron Architects won the Public vote award thanks to your help! You’re all the best! xxx


Spheron architects – project page

Spheron architects – facebook

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