5 places I want to travel to

Hi dreamers!

This week I’ve been dreaming about locations on our beautiful planet I still want to see. I’ve only seen such a small piece of it, and narrowing the remainings to 5 places isn’t easy. So let’s start off with my list.


1. New York City

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I’ve been dreaming to visit this city for as long as I can remember. Cities attract me because of their history, the way they experienced growth, the sequences of dense urban spaces with parks and squares,… I can go on and on. Of course architecture plays a big role in cities as well. The buildings tell the story of the “concrete jungle” and that’s right up my ally.

Why I’m fascinated exactly by New York? I guess it has something to do that when people think of big cities in the world, they mostly name London, Paris and New York in one breath. Or at least over here in Belgium they do. Paris and London are easy to get from here. I visited them both several times already and even lived in London for 2 months in 2015. But New York… stays the dream.


2. Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights

Seeing pictures of the northern lights really make me wish I could see it in person as well. Top that wish off with a small obsession I have for Finland and Scandinavia in general… and you have my second dream place for this list.

In Norway, Sweden and Finland you’re more likely to see gorgeous landscapes as well, which are the total opposite of the city-scapes I tend to love. So to see the northern light I will have to move out of my comfort zone of the city for a while, and get immersed in the beauty of nature and smaller towns.


3. Sydney. AKA  Australia

You noticed I’m picking destinations and going broader on them? haha. Next one on my list is way down under. I would like to visit Australia one day and they place that comes to mind than is Sydney.



4. South-Africa

I’ve been to Tanzania, a destination I would have never picked on my own as a first choice. But that was an eye-opening trip for me, and I would like to see more of the African continent as well. Culture, how people interact with one another, how unlike the way of life is there than what they want us to believe… I want to learn more and see more about it.

A girl who was in architecture school with me, went 6 months abroad to South-Africa and ended up getting permission to change the location of her master project from Tanzania to South-Africa as well. The stories she told, the pictures she showed they were amazing for me and kept the country bubbling in my mind.

Also a popular tv-show in Belgium “De Mol” got recorded there, and seeing those images on tv… yes you can imagine me drooling over it and sometimes I was more busy watching the suroundings than the actual show. Lol.


5. Visit every Disney resort in the world

This is me cheating… Sorry… but it’s such a big bucket list item for me. Yet I packed them all together cause with resorts in Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and since 2016 Shanghai, I would only fill this list with those places anyway.

Now I can check off Paris and Anaheim already from that list. So still 4 different resorts to discover. 4 more different takes on classic idea’s, 4 more different ways on how to make it work within the given climate conditions, culture,… You get the picture.

I even want to extend this list with Disney vacation resorts like Aulani because… come on that’s Hawaii! And because of my love for imagineering, I just would like to see how they make it immersive without theme parks around it.

And there is no vacation like a Disney vacation for me. Disney has the ability to plus up a vacation for me. It’s the atmosphere that comes with it that gives it… something magical… cheeky I know, but I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. Going to Disney is something else than going to a city, though for me those 2 settings have a different kind of magic on me and get me in awe, but on different ways.


I do apologize for cheating the guidelines I set up myself, but out of all possible places in the world, this is my dream set at the moment. But I do wonder… what about you? Do you have places or a country you would really like to visit but didn’t got the chance to yet? Or can you relate to my places?

I would really love to hear it from you as well, so we can all dream together.




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